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Stacked Actors
Oh mirror mirror, you're coming in clear I'm finally somewhere in between I'm impressed, what a beautiful chest I never meant to make a big scene Will you resign to the latest design You look so messy when you dress up in dreams One more for hire, a wonderful liar I think it's time we all should come clean Stack dead actors, stacked to the rafters Line up the bastards all I want is the truth Hey, hey now, can you fake it, Can you make it look like we want Hey hey now, can you take it And we cry when they all die blonde God bless, what a sensitive mess Yeah, but things aren't always what they seem Your teary eyes, your famous disguise Never knowing who to believe See through, yeah but what do you do When you're just another aging drag queen
You make me dizzy running circles in my head One of these days I'll chase you down Well look who's going crazy now We're face to face my friend, Better get out You know you make me break out I don't want to look like that You can see this on my face It's all for you The more and more I take I break right through Therapy still scares me Putting me on my back again. I may be crazy, little frayed around the ends One of these days I'll phase you out Burn it in the blast off watching me crawl away Try to get out
Learn to Fly
Run and tell all of the angels This could take all night Think I need a devil to help me get things right Hook me up a new revolution Cause this one is a lie We sat around laughing and watched the last one die I'm looking to the sky to save me Looking for a sign of life Looking for something to help me burn out bright I'm looking for complication Looking cause I'm tired of trying Make my way back home when I learn to fly I think I'm done nursing the patience I can wait one night I'd give it all away if you give me one last try We'll live happily ever trapped if you just save my life Run and tell the angels that everything is alright.. Fly along with me, I can't quite make it alone Try and make this life my own
Gimmie Stitches
I can be your right of way So we can get out of here I'll always be the one who runs from everyone Cause everyone's just too weird Sink with someone tied to me I'm making you volunteer Another one has come and gone They crawl along, make them disappear Dress me up in stitches it's now or never Tired of wearing black and blue Dress me up in stitches it's now or never Dying to get my blood on you Take another stab at me, I promise in time I'll heal But yesterday went on and on a bit too long I waited out on high street There's nothing to find out here Another day has come and gone They crawl along, wasting all these years How can you go on when you're murdering someone Killing me like you do Gimme stitches now or never Before I get my blood on you
Lately I'm getting better Wish I could stay sick with you But there's too many egos left to bruise Call it sin, you can call it whatever, Eating deep inside of you Well if it were me it's all I'd ever do Steal me now and forever I'll steal something good for you The criminal in me is no one new Till you find something better When there's nothing left to use And everything starts going down on you I'm the Generator, firing whenever you quit Yeah whatever it is, you go out and it's on Yeah can't you hear my motored heart You're the one that started it Send me out on a tether Swing it round I'll spin your noose You let it down I'll hang around with you, till you find someone better When there's no one left to use, and everyone keeps going down
You believe there's something else To relieve your emptiness And you dream about yourself And you bleed and breathe the air And it's on and on I just kinda died for you You just kinda stared at me We will always have the chance We can do this one more time Hell yeah, I remember aurora All this time Take me now, we can spin the sun around And the stars will all come out Then we'll turn and come back down You believe there's somewhere else Where it's easier than this And you see outside yourself And you buy the hole you'll fill And it's on and on On and on aurora wait for everyone Wait till the last one's done
Live-in Skin
Take your payroll, and your lottery, There's a place I know, There's a robbery, and I swear I'll never tell If you swear you'll never tell, and We'll all make out so well We will all make out so well Head on with my hate, into the lights ahead I'm amazed that I'm still standing And I demand that we all blend in I'm amounted just the same old glitter story From the sea floor, metamorphosis And I can't change back for you I will not change back for you I must live in skin that's new I'm a livid skin that's new Turn your insides out to the outside Turn the outside in to the inside, Trade your outside in for the inside Turn it around again, I'm amounted
Next Year
I'm in the sky tonight, There I can keep by your side Watching the wide world riot and hiding out I'll be coming home next year Into the sun we climb Climbing our wings will burn white Everyone strapped in tight We'll ride it out I'll be coming home next year Come on get on get on Take it till life runs out No one can find us now, Living with our heads underground Into the night we shine Lighting the way we glide by Catch me if I get too high When I come down I'll be coming home next year I'm in the sky tonight There I can keep by your side Watching the whole world wind around and round I'll be coming home next year I'll be coming home next year Everything's alright up here When I come down I'll be coming home next year Say good-bye
Have you been headwired Were you satisfied Did it free the feelings in your spine Sleeping way inside all this time Will you meet your mind where the night collides Will you greet yourself when the sun arrives I'll just stay behind, I've met mine Better than a bullet being fired Tangled in your headwires now Help you feed the wires when your head unwinds And if our headlines become entwined You can have all mine, I'll be fine There's a reason why keeping me alive There's a cure in me that I wish were mine As long as I can fight, I'll survive Stationed on the wire, one day I'll let go Tell them all hell The sun is on Arlandria, headwire
Ain't it the Life
Dear Haley, can you save me from the borrowed cloud I'm on All you gotta do is try, Pray you're just getting by Hey wait I thought you'd made it How'd your bottled crown fall off Tell me how'd you get so tired Faded down to the wire Try living a lie and kicking out the same old guise Wasting time, so very ordinary Wait until my bomb goes off See the actors run and hide Fake it all in stride One day we all can say we're gone And haunt the ground we're from Everything's so open wide Here within the divide Aint it the life, got no crime, just sail on by
Call and I'll answer at home in the lost and found You say that I'm much too proud Someone who's taking pleasure in breaking down Nevermind the mannequins, drunk in their hollow town, Drinking their spoils down, cheap imitations The revelation is now. You wont find me I'm going MIA Tonight I'm leaving going MIA Getting lost in you again is better than being numb Counting every minute till the feeling comes crashing down Run when it hit's the ground, I'm good at escaping But better at flaking out Calling unanswered the center becomes blown out Stuck on the inside now It's fear I'm embracing I never could face you down Red, red, laced around your head Cold and rescued You wont find me I'm going MIA Tonight I'm leaving going MIA So you don't find me I'm going MIA Tonight I'm leaving going MIA Say good-bye to me I'm going MIA I can find relief I'm going MIA Getting lost in you again is better than being numb Better than playing dumb


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