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You know in all of the times that we've shared I've never been so scared Doll me up in my bad luck I'll meet you there I wish i never had taken this dare I wasn't quite prepared Doll me up in my bad luck I'll meet you there
Monkey Wrench
What have we done with innocence It disappeared with time it never made much sense Adolescent resident wasting another night on planning my revenge One in ten don't want to be your monkey wrench one more indecent accident i'd rather leave than suffer this I'll never be your monkey wrench All this time to make amends what do you do when all your enemies are friends now and then I'll try to bend under pressure wind up snapping in the end One last thing before I quit I never wanted any more than I could fit into my head I still remember every single word you said and all the shit that somehow came along with it still there's one thing that comforts me since I was always caged and now I'm free fall in fall out
Hey, Johnny Park!
Come and I'll take you under This beautiful bruises colours everything fades in time it's true Wish that I had another stab at the under cover was it a change in mind for you? It's impossible I can't let it out You'll never know Am I selling you out? Sit and watch Your every mood Your eyes still remind me of angels that hover above eyes that can change from blind to blue Now that I've found my reward Throw it away long before I'd share a piece of mine with you
My Poor Brain
Real life is so hard we hide in the stars that's where our heads are my head and your heart This is a black out Don't let it go to waste This is a black out I want to detonate When you are so far I'm falling apart lose all my sonar you jam our radar Sometimes I feel I'm getting stuck between the handshake and the fuck You've got me on guard I've got my head start my head and your heart The same in the stars Sometimes I wish that I could change I can't save you from my poor brain okay
Wind Up
I have a choice between the bat and the belt each time i hear about the hand you've been dealt spare me confession it's confession you sell maybe I'll fall behind but I don't mind Because I'll catch up Want a song thats indelible like manimal I hope you never see me wind up Will I be happy on the Back of the shelf Will you be happy when we're sharing a cell spare me the questions since you know me so well some day you'll realise that I get shy and I choke up What is wrong with this animal I'm terrible I hope you never see me wind up Farewell my sweet paramania My only promise is that I'll never tell Keep you at a distance from the things that I've felt I'll bite the bullet take the beating until I take it all back anyway What was I supposed to say
Up in Arms
The rain is here and you my dear are still my friend It's true the two of us are back as one again I was the one who left you always coming back I could not forget you girl now I am up in arms again Together now I don't know how this love could end My lonely heart it falls apart for you to mend
My Hero
Too alarming now to talk about take your pictures down and shake it out truth or consequence say it aloud use that evidence race it around There goes my hero watch him as he goes There goes my hero he's ordinary Don't the best of them bleed it out While the rest of them peter out Kudos goes my hero leaving all the best You know my hero the one thats on
See You
These notes are marked return to sender I'll save this letter for myself I wish you only knew how good it is to see you These steps i take don't get me anywhere I'm getting further from myself One thing is always true How good it is to see you I'm done resenting you you represented me so well and this I promise you How could I end up in the hands of someone else
Enough Space
I was waiting for something maybe flying machines that's when i found lily best I've ever seen Put her on the ceiling try to make her my own people line up to see but there never seems to be enough space
February Stars
Hanging on here until I'm gone just hanging on Even though I watched you come and go how was I to know You'd steal the show One day I'll have enough to gamble I'll wait to hear your final call and bet it all Hanging on here until I'm gone right where I belong just hanging on Even though I pass this time alone somewhere so unknown it heals the soul You ask for walls I'll build them higher we'll lie in shadows of them all I'd stand but they're much too tall and i fall February Stars floating in the dark temporary scars February Stars
Hello I've waited here for you Everlong Tonight I throw myself into and out of the red out of her head she sang and I wonder when I sing along with you If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again the only thing I'll ever ask of you you've got to promise not to stop when I say when Breathe out so I can breathe you in Hold you in and now I know you've always been out of your head out of my head i sang
Walking After You
Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds dreaming aloud things just won't do without you matter of fact I'm on your back If you walk out on me I'm walking after you If you'd accept surrender give up some more weren't you adored I cannot be without you matter of fact I'm on your back If you walk out on me Im walking after you another heart is cracked in two Im on your back
New Way Home
Have You found Your way around the down and out? I know it must seem long so long I'm still trying to keep this time from running out head down always moving on and on and on I never heard this warning another early morning takes me wakes me into If you can manage me I'll try to manage you but lately that's all I ever do I felt like this on my way home I'm not scared I pass the boats and the kingdome I'm not scared I'll never tell you the secrets I'm holding I know these things must bore you but I can't find another way I'll never tell you the secrets I'm holding I love this leash that holds me when i try to run away

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